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April 25, 2019
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About the Pearl

Number of Owner Occupied Condos/Townhomes:3593
Number of Non-Owner Occupied Units (apartment units):2142
Number of Restaurants:52
Number of Boutique Shopping Options:18
Number of Breweries:3 (Deschutes, Bridgeport, Rogue)
Number of Coffee Shops:8
Number of Bakeries:2 (The Pearl Bakery, Bridgeport Bakery)
Number of National Chains (all):37
Number of Grocery Stores and Markets:3 (Whole Foods, Safeway, The Pearl Market)
Number of Art Galleries:30
Number of Parks:4 (Jamieson, Tanner Springs, North Park Blocks (4th to be named))
Number of Post Offices:1
Number of Theatres (Performing Arts):1 (Gerding Theatre)
Number of Book Stores:1 (POWELLS!)
Number of Schools:4 (PNWCA, Univ. of Oregon (Old Town), Art institute of Portland, Willamette Univ. MBA program)
Number of Farmers Markets:1 (Thursdays at the EcoTrust Building)
Number of Public Parking Garages:2 (Brewery Blocks Garage and Smart Park near Broadway Bridge)
Number of Gyms:2 (24 Hr Fitness, LA Fitness and possibly a 3rd on the horizon.)
Number of Yoga Studios:1
Number of Ice Cream Stores:4
Square Feet of Office Space:> 2,000,000 sqft
Distance to nearest Movie Theatre:7 Blocks
Distance to PDX (Airport):12.2 Miles (19 minutes if you are driving the speed limit)
*Summer 2008 (We update our data and website regularly)
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